Zooming and Selection of texts don't work together

Hi devs, fine?

Someone help, pls.

In my app i have a page with the zoomig attribute added in the element, to able the zoom text.
Ok, normal.

Now, i need able too the Selectable Text funcionality.
So, im go was to css and change the “user-select” propertie to “text”… Buuuut, these isn’t the only changes.
Another attribute calls “overflow-scroll” need be “true” for the zooming stay working. But, the same atribute needs be “false” to Selection Text funcionality stay working.

I tried change the value of “overflow-scroll” in the dynamic way, change by a flag true or false, but it’s doesnt work.

Someone see a solution for this?

Sorry for my english, guys.
Thanks so much for your attention.

I found a website that allows us to zoom in and upload photos on instagram: https://instazoom.mobi/tr/