ZIP Export does not work


When I export my project as zip, even though I applied all steps in guides. I could not run my project in my local. Is there any missing steps in guide ?


There is a tutorial right in the page where you export the zip. Usually you have to create a project using Ionic CLI (version 1)

ionic start --v1 myApp tabs

and then put the content of the zip file inside www of the created new application ‘myApp’.


It may be due to incompatibility between the CLI and Creator versions.
If your project is in ionic creator v1 ,
Try these steps:
1.Export the zip file from the Creator.
2.Create a new ionic project locally. ( ionic version 1 project)
ionic start myapp --type ionic1
3.copy the content of ZIP file to WWW folder of the newly created project.
*4. move the SCSS-MOVEME folder from www to project directory. rename it to “scss”. the project from the CLI
ionic serve -l