Z-wave device inclusion process with ionic app

The problem:

Currently, we support several protocols: 433MHz, Infrared, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave.

The problem: The device-inclusion process is different for every protocol. 433 MHz and Infrared devices are unidirectional. Thus, the devices need to be “taught”. WiFi and Bluetooth-Devices are automatically discovered - which is the easiest way for the user. Zigbee-devices are automatically discovered as long as the Zigbee-Devices are brought into “pairing”-mode. Therefore, there are a few help-screens that show the user how to “reset” their ZigBee-device to start device pairing.

Unfortunately, this principle will not work for the Z-Wave protocol.


With Z-Wave devices, the Device-Inclusion-Workflow should be like that:

  • The user needs to start the Z-Wave device inclusion process by pressing a button inside the app (This feature is currently not implemented yet into the Ionic App!!!).
  • The user then needs to press the “Pair”-Button on the Z-Wave-Product
  • Device-Inclusion starts
  • The user now sees the screen “New device discovered” - and is redirected to the device list and can control the Z-Wave device

The problem just is: How is this new “feature” being implemented in the easiest possible way without destroying the existing UX-Flows that actually work and are easy to understand