YoutubeVideoPlayer.openVideo() communication error

Hello all,

I am using the YoutubeVideoPlayer.openVideo() plugin for playing the youtube video in the app. But I got the communication error.
Please anyone can help me.

I am doing this.


Is this possible? to play the video by using youtube URL link

I had the same problem when i first tried. Tried with only the id (QZLgiwYP5to) and the full url.

But when i tested other videos (using only the id) like this one pe13P62m458 it work.
Im still trying to figure out why some video don’t work.

Hi andreb,

Is there another way to play youtube video in app. Please suggest. Thanks in advanced.

I saw several other plugins on github but i havent tried any of them outside of the one used with the ionic YoutubeVideoPlayer

Here’s a guide on how to play video via YouTube without any plugins with Ionic 2.