YouTube content only restricted on mobile device testing

Hi, I’m currently working on an app that embeds music videos. I’ve already created the web app of this version, and all of these videos play fine. During testing, I can play the videos in the browser testing environment, but as soon as I run through my android device I get errors such as:

“This video contains content from VEVO. It is restricted from playback on certain sites. Watch on YouTube.”

From my research, I am making the educated guess that since I am still on a development platform, or because I’m on the device, it is not supplying YouTube with a referring URL, and the content provider is blocking sites which are not providing their referral data by default.

Does anyone know if there is something I can change in the configuration files, if this will resolve once I package/deploy, or any other methods to resolve this error?

Curious to know if you were able to fix this issue or if anyone out there knows of a fix? Thanks in advance! (Ive been looking for a way to address this for a while)