Xcode generated project don´t work fine

Hello people,

I´m in my final step on my project and I started this week the deploy to store (apple / google)

In android project I dont have any problems, but in my Xcode generated project I had problems! :confused:

**My problems: **

  1. The angular bind don´t work. I see the form with bind expression. ( {{Class.Name}} )

  2. In the initial list, the click that should will go to detail form don´t work in the item from list. The same behavior occurs in the simple button (+) (I´m using the navbar in my HOME)
    Image attached

  3. in iOs10 the app closes on start (I have an iPhone with iOs10 beta …) I still dont compile with xCode 8 for test, I hope so that´s possible to resolve problem.

Im use: ionic version 1.7.15 / cordova version 6.2.0

sorry for any error on the language… I m from Brazil and I m not expert on english :wink:

Thats all.

I m posting reply because the problem was resolved removing scripts from ecma6 … examples: Expressions using “=>”. The webview (from safari) don´t understand this scripts! The problem can be found on the safari from mac OS…
I hope can help anyone!