XCode error "No known class method for selector 'setScreenName:screenClass'"

My Ionic v3 app works fine on android, but building in XCode results in the error “No known class method for selector ‘setScreenName:screenClass:’”. Turns out to have something to do with the Firebase plugin. I’ve searched all over Google for a resolution, and tried their suggestions, but no luck.
I even reinstalled the Firebase plugin cordova-plugin-firebase, but it didn’t work.

Any ideas on how to fix this?


Did you resolve this issue?

No, wasn’t able to. I can’t remember how I got around it, but I know I downgraded some of the plugins I used, thinking there was some conflict. I’d recommend you remove all plugins (especially Google ones) and add them one at a time & build. Might help in isolating the issue. Hope it helps.

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