Would it be possible to take a FramerJS prototype and get it working with ionic?

I haven’t used FramerJS so I am not sure if there are performance issues with the JS animations it creates on the phone but it does look like a great way to go from prototype to ionic app. I am asking here before I dive into finding out on my own, if anyone has tried it. :slight_smile:

Just read up on the site, you don’t actually use an app to do the testing with. As far as I can see it’s all done off image prototyping. So if you had a sheet of elements for your theme or specific needs, then you import those into Framer and animate them by assigning events and such.

So to help DESIGN an ionic app, absolutely. To BUILD one, no.

And it says it uses coffee script with a ‘low learning curve’, I found coffee script to be a nightmare.

So try it out, see if it’s for you, it seems like a neat tool for design.

Yeah I am not to keen on the CoffeeScript aspect either. It just seems like you could grab the animation calls and JS it uses to create them and switch the images with HTML/CSS… I could be way off. The only way to find out is to try it I guess. :smile:

Hi @spurton, So did you try out ? I am interested about your feedback. I recently made a framer prototype and I’m wondering if it would be better design the prototype in ionic with an animation library on top !