Working with SQLitePlugin

I have been looking for solutions past couple of days. I have added cordova SQLitePlugin to the project and when I check window.sqlitePlugin, it is null. Has anyone implemented SQLitePlugin before?

when do you check for window.sqlitePlugin?
Is it bevor platform ready?

for my app i listen to cdeviceReady event and then im starting angular - with this i sure all plugins are loaded and working.

cordovaReady did the trick. It’s working now. Thanks.

Can you post some code? I used cordovaReady but now the app navigation is not working!

Hi, do you have an example, or a site I can take a look at to further understand this?

Ah sorry folks i did mean deviceready

Documentation can be found here:

but platform.ready() should also work:


<script type="text/javascript">
  document.addEventListener('deviceready', function onDeviceReady() {
    angular.bootstrap(document, ['myApp']);
  }, false);

See this implementation:

Regards, Nicholls