Working with a cloned ionic repo


I’m trying to add an eventemitter to virtualscroll so that I can listen for when the render is complete, but am obviously missing a few steps…

clone drifty/ionic into mypath/ionic
cd mypath/ionic
npm install
make changes to src/components/virtual-scroll/virtual-scroll.ts

Now. How to I generate ‘virtual-scroll.js’?

I tried cd mypath/ionic then ‘grunt build’ as per the Readme, but that gave me an error that ‘build’ was not a task in my gruntfile (even though I can see that it is).

Just using tsc to generate the JS file gives me a JS file that doesn’t work in my ionic project (even without my changes), so there must be something ‘extra’ in the ‘build’ task or I’ve just got entirely the wrong end of things …

Maybe I’m supposed to somehow pull my updated clone of drifty/ionic into my ionic project as ionic-angular? But I’m baffled right now.

Any insights as to where I’m getting this process so wrong would be much appreciated.

Figured this out, through the simple method of reading the correct instructions :smile:

‘npm run link’