Workflow: Working on the same Project on Mac and Windows


Normally I am a Windows User. For the sake of publishing my app for iOS as well, I bought a Mac Mini and installed Windows and iOS parallel with Bootcamp. I want to have only one copy of my project files on the machine, so I don’t have to update my progress on both operating systems all the time.

(1) My project files are located on my NAS (Synology).
Problem: Webstorm is complaining about indexing being to slow because the files are on a network drive.

(2) My project is located on my windows partition.
Problem: iOS has no rights to save the files on the windows partition, so this approach is useless.

(3) I use parallels to work on my windows partition under iOS.
Problem: I can’t use the iOS terminal for simulating or testing my app on my iPhone.

How would a proper Approach for my scenario look like?!

Any help is highliy appreciated!


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Why are you making your life so much harder by using Windows on the Mac?

You’ll spend a lot more time running between OS’s for testing and building than solving problems that don’t need to exist.

I understand you’ve always been a Windows user, however in terms of workflow, you should learn and move over the Mac OS X, there’s no advantages of using windows as you’ll have file permission issues and most of the tools you’ll require are already on OS X.

However, to answer your question. You should install OS X Server on your mac, this will then install the continuous integration services for XCode, you should then be able to setup a build and deployment script.

On your Windows machine (not the parallel partition) you can then commit your code and it will be picked up by OS X Server and build it and even run it on your device.

What we’re doing is using Visual Studio to do the testing on iOS devices connected to a Mac:

I’m not sure if this would work if you are running Bootcamp but theoretically it should?

I have same problem.
I solve “temporally” doing a fresh installation both in Windows and in Mac
Then i sync only “src” folder on a remote ftp
In this way each developer could test byself in Windows or Mac