WKWebViewConfiguration crash on iOS 11.x, 12.x, 13.x

We were trying to test our app on older versions of iOS and to our surprise it crashed on startup.

I tried the starter app and it seems to be crashing too, we original had an iPhone on iOS 11 and that is where we found the issue. Then tried the simulator to test other versions.

It affects:
iOS 11.x
iOS 12.x
iOS 13.x

iOS 14.x is working

The debugger is complaining about WKWebViewConfiguration()

Here is a screenshot

Hmmm looks like it may be an issue with M1 mac and sim.


Also worth nothing, we don’t support iOS 11. Only iOS 12+

i have same issue ios 14.3 works file but not in 13.0 (my processor is M1)

Correction, Capacitor 2 supports iOS 11+, Capacitor 3 will support iOS 12+

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