WKWebView + SMS plugin issue

I have an ionic 1 project that I recently updated to ionic 1.3.5 via this post and followed these instructions to update to WKWebView. In testing my app on my iPhone 6S running iOS 11.1.2 I’m just running into one remaining issue. When I launch an SMS composer, and send an SMS, when the SMS window closes it cuts off approximately half of my window/viewport.

I’ve duplicated the issue with both cordova-plugin-x-socialsharing 5.2.1 and cordova-sms-plugin 0.1.11. Using either plugin, when I launch an SMS composer, then send the SMS, when that window closes my viewport is only about half as tall as it should be. I’ve confirmed that if I switch back to UIWebView using

<preference name="CordovaWebViewEngine" value="CDVUIWebViewEngine" />

The issue is resolved and everything works as normal. Has anyone else seen this behavior? I haven’t been able to find anything. Here are a couple screenshots. Any ideas how to fix this?



Unfortunately we had to roll back to using UIWebView in order to submit our latest update to the App Store. We’d love to upgrade to WKWebView, though, so I’d appreciate any insight anyone might have.