With Beta1, button ng-click requires e.stopPropagation()


Is this the intended behavior? There is no href assigned to my button, but clicks on it are redirecting my app to the root page. Previous to the beta, this did not happen.

 <button class="load_more button button-block button-positive" ng-click="load_more($event)" ng-if="comments.length == 5">Load more</button>

Now in my controller, I need to call e.stopPropagation, which wasn’t necessary before.

$scope.load_more = (e) ->
c.log "load more comments"
$scope.page += 1



That should be fixed in the nightly builds. Do you mind trying them out and seeing if it works with out e.stopPropagation?


It seemed to still require it using the nightly scripts from the CDN. About to head out for a week so I’m unable to debug further for now, but will check again when I get back :smile: