windowsPhone and google maps


hi forum I am involved in a project where I want to implement an aplication using ionic v2 windowsPhone and googleMaps as Ionic v2 support windowsPhone apps i would like to show in my app a google map using native or javascript api but I dont find a solution could anyone explain if this is possible thanks


Did you google for “Ionic Google Maps”? There are loads of tutorials out there.

PS: Don’t limit yourself to Ionic 2, use the current version. It’s all Ionic, just an older release.


thanks for the respond i already google it but i dont find a solution to implement in windowsPhone I am using javascript api googleMaps it works on android but when i want to show on WndowsPhone a blank page appears


Oh sorry, I skipped the “Windows Phone” bit.


if you know anybody who can help i really appreciate


Do other parts of your app work on windows phone? I have definitely had this working in the past so it is possible… Are you seeing any exceptions? for debugging windows issues I usually start by:

  • Running my app in Edge on a windows pc via ionic serve.
  • If I don’t see any exceptions there then i open the app in visual studio and attempt to run it there targeting both phone and desktop until I see an error.