Windows Phone Support


+1 for Windows 8/8.1/10+ and Windows Phone suport.

If Ionic run over Cordova and cordova has support for Windows 8 and Windows Phone, why Ionic doesn’t have?


So the main issue with WP8 support right now is that same issue most web developers have, Internet Explorer. WP8 uses IE10 as a starting point, which has some issues with touch events and such. So while you could make a WP8 project with ionic, not everything is going to work 100% at the moment


I don’t know why, but add windows platform and buid then to finish emulate windows, the cordova app is loaded but closed imediate, why that?


Not to sure, I’m on a mac and haven’t done anything with windows for years, a bit out of the loop in windows world.


@mhartington there no body at Ionic Team for Windows Support? I only found this for Android only.


Right now our focus is iOS and Android, but we’re hoping to having WP8 support post 1.0.

Is this in regards to Android or WP8?


It’s about WP8 and Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 tablets apps.

I told about Android platform because it’s only documentation I found for Windows Developers.

I will waiting for WP8 platform support. For while, I will try with Android.



Is there any “known issues” for WP/WP8/Android 2.3 @mhartington?

I believe that if there was, it would help a lot for anyone that want to debug and support the framework.
I have some big freelance right now and it includes WP8. I just don’t want to risk pick Ionic cause I have a small schedule. But I would have a big team able to help out on Ionic.


Hello, I would like to know how is the Windows Phone support development is going, I have a Windows Phone and I would love to create some cool apps using Ionic!


Its not our main focus right now so we haven’t even begun looking at it. Post 1.0 we will consider it.


This is a little dissapointing.
i have been waiting for WP8 support since april.may.
You said you didnt have a device but you got one now.

Please,please,please add wp8 support.



Yes, we are eagerly waiting for WP8 support, Let me know when it will be ready…


I would be interested too!


It would be nice if people who have WP8 devices could file some issues on the repository.
At this moment I have a WP8 with me, if people could file some issues I think I may get some time trying to fix it.


Hi max I have a dev team that would be willing to take on the windows phone dev and test.


Considering that pretty much all WP8 devices are updating (if they haven’t already) to 8.1 (IE11), and that 8.1 is the first release in which the development platform is converged with Windows, it makes sense to just ignore 8.0 and focus on 8.1.


I think the WP market share is somewhere between 4 and 5 percent. Given the number of handsets available today, that’s a lot of potential customers we can’t reach with a framework like Ionic. I’d say WP compatibility should be a high priority goal.


Im curious: In what part of the World does WP has any significant market share — or even growth? Last reports I read said 3.5% and shrinking.

Considering the how alike the rendering engine for iOS and Android is, I wonder how much effort IE’s rendering will require considering the future of the Windows mobile platform? I don’t see any plans for Ubuntu phone or Firefox OS either?


Another request for WP support here. I get regular requests for it.


The windows phone is actually supported, not all features but its still is working to some extent. the framework is quite buggy at the moment, but things are look promising for future
I have a working dictionary app for it.
below is the Git Repo if u want to check it out