Windows Phone Navbar Back Navigation

Hi everyone.

I’m having an issue with my Windows Phone App, regarding backwards navigation from the navbar. If i navigate 2 screens forward (Page 1 -> Page 2 -> Page 3) and then hit the Back button in the navbar. Instead of being taken back to the previous page (Page 2), i am taken all the way back to the initial page (Page 1). I see page 2 loading for a brief second and then skip back to Page 1.
I’m not seeing anything relevant in the output and both my Android and iOS apps are working as expected. My .config is straight forward as is all my navigation’s (hence I haven’t included any snippets).

If anyone has had this issue before and found a solution, please let me know.

In response to my own question. ng-click fires twice in IE. Simple workaround, I added the following to my .run:

window.addEventListener('click', function(event) { if ( == '[object PointerEvent]') { event.stopPropagation(); } }, true);