Windows phone does not open inappbrowser after pdf download



Into Windows Phone i could not open a pdf file using inappbrowser, into Android it work´s fine.

On controller i do use :

$scope.showNewPdf = function() {
    var fileName = "somefile.pdf";
    var url = "";
    ${template: 'Searching...'});
    pdfService.downloadPdf(url, fileName);

At the service i user request FileSystem and then using _system for the opener parameter

window.requestFileSystem(LocalFileSystem.PERSISTENT, 0, function(fs) {fs.root.getDirectory( ..., '_system', 'location=no,toolbar=yes,closebuttoncaption=Close,enableViewportScale=yes');

Sometimes i just get no response at all, another i get the error message Download Error source -> null

I try to create a directory just for the downloads from my app

{   create: true         },

Is there a default directory for windows phone pdf downloads ? windows phone does not allow directory creation ?

If you open a PDF after the download please just let me know how it is done.

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