Windows Phone 8 safe?

Hello Ionic team,

I guess this is getting a bit redundant, but I’m about to start a project in which we need to reach as many devices as possible and I’m trying to make the right choice in which framework to use, so even though I think Ionic is the most elegan/usable one of all of them, I need to ask if it’s safe to go with Ionic framework now in order to be available in Windows 8 and if the same will be finally supported in a 2 month range.

I’ve also heard that large lists are suffering a bad performance while Kendo UI implements a buffered-window approach that make them perform amazin. Is this true? And if it is, any plans on going with the same approche Kendo UI do?

you can use ionic , but i recommend you to make some more changes to your app after you finish it and develop it natively for windows 8 specially bec you can develop windows 8 /phone8 native apps completly in JS and it will give you users a better experiance and the performance is going to increase

Now when you say windows 8 do you mean WP8 or windows 8 for desktop?
For windows 8, or really any desktop solution, we’re not really focusing on that at the moment. While you can use our css to get a style base, the interactions, and UI are really more mobile focused.

As far as performance goes, large lists are actually not a problem.

Sorry guys, I meant Windows Phone 8 (but Windows 8 would be a nice plus)