Windows App: The developer certificate … has expired

Hey guys,

lately I started playing with the windows platform.

After exporting the package with Visual Studio 2015 I tried installing it on a windows 10 tablet.

When running “Add AppDevPackage.ps1” it says: “Found bundle… Found certificate… Error: The developer certificate …cer has expired. One possible cause is the system clock isn’t set to the correct date and time. If the system settings are correct, contact the app owner to re-create a package or bundle with a valid certificate.”.

Two things:

  1. the system date is Oct 24, 2016 (which is correct)
  2. the certificate says it is valid from Oct 24, 2016 to Oct 24, 2017

Am I not seeing something?
What might be wrong?

Thanks a lot for any pointer!

Hi. i had the same problem and all I did was change the data and time of the target device not the developer machine and it worked. Also, my target machine was set to developer mode. Hope that helps.

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