Windows 10 support - Pointer Events

I am building an application using ionic (v. 1.3.3) targeting iOS, Android and Win 10.
It works fine, but now I need to implement some custom draggable elements.
Currently I am using touch events, but sadly they don’t fire in Edge by default.
Edge uses mouse and pointer events, which are not used in Safari.
Therefore I have decided to use a combination of touch and pointer events based on availability.
However, as soon as I load Ionic, it somehow alters pointermoved events, so instead of seeing a steady stream of events when moving my finger, it’s only called once. Thereby I get no events at all on Edge except the first one.

Is there a way to enable pointermoved events, or is there an alternative event I could listen on in Edge?

Thank you for your help

To answer my own question: I was able to get pointer events by adding a css rule: touch-action: pan-y. This emits pointer events when panning on the x-axis while it’s still possible to scroll.