Windows 10 (mobile) - Ionic Native

I’m having an app launched in the Android Store some time.
At the moment I would like to publish in the Windows Store, But I’m facing problems with some plugins that do not seem to have support for windows 10.
The plugins are:
-App Rate

It would be possible to undo these plugins InAppBrowser, YoutubeVideoPlayer, App Rate And render the web html inside an Ionic page, this without opening a browser, so I would override these plugins. Like an iframe, something like that. I searched for something like queries to http database works, But something like that I did not find.

Has anyone had this problem yet?

With Admob the problem seems to be bigger because the plugin only supported until the version of Windows Phone 8.

Is there any way to use Admob? Or would it have another way to Monetize?

I noticed that little interest in Windows development so little information is found.

If someone can share about your experience, I’d love to hear it.

I’ve been able to use InAppBrowser in Windows 10. How are you using it?

import {  AppRate } from 'ionic-native';

AppRate.preferences = {
      openStoreInApp: true,
      displayAppName: 'xxx',
      usesUntilPrompt: 5,
      promptAgainForEachNewVersion: false,
      storeAppURL: {
        android: 'market://xxx',
        windows8: 'ms-windows-store://pdp/?productid=9nblggh4nntb'
      customLocale: {
        title: "xxx",
        message: "xxx",
        cancelButtonLabel: "xxx",
        laterButtonLabel: "xxx",
        rateButtonLabel: "xxx"

exists a function executing this

On android works perfectly.