Will Apple Store accept my app even if I'm using Google Maps API v3?

I’m working on an app that has to show a map. I ran it on iOS 6 Simulator and Google Maps v3 works. But will the Apple Store accept it or reject it (since I’ve heard before that they will only accept apps that uses their maps not google maps)?

I’m using this directive in my app, and Apple accepted my app. :smile:

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@brandyshea I tried this directive and it works very well. But I’ve noticed one thing. The map doesn’t center itself the second time around and times after that. Whether the map is shown succesfully in a modal or a regular view, this problem occurs. The first time, it centers itself fine. But without tilting the phone or resizing the browser, the second time the map needs to be shown, it doesn’t center. It’s the same when tilting the phone or resizing the browser. Did you ever had this problem? If so, how did you fix it? I also asked Allan Kim for workarounds but I thought I’d ask you too. Thanks for this referal by the way.

Hmm, no I haven’t experienced that. How are you showing the map? Maybe you could reproduce it in a codepen?

My map is using dynamic data. When first navigating to the view I call a function that gets the user’s current location and shows a marker on the map. I can leave the view and come back and it will show the map centered on that location.

I did have issues with showing more than 3 maps on one view. After the 3rd map it was centering each map at (0,0) and ignoring the value I passed in. I never found a solution to this, other than changing my UI to use one map with multiple markers instead of a map for each location.

Allan Kim got back to me and gave me some suggestions. Here’s his Plnkr http://plnkr.co/edit/D2Ti9gF9YyJe4rcFcijV?p=preview

I think I’ll play around with it some more. But basically what he wrote in the Plnkr is the same implementation I’d use. Thanks @brandyshea

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Awesome. Thanks for sharing the Plunker. :smile:

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Where did you heard such thing? We need source?