Why the side-menu doesn't work anymore in the ionic creator?


I’m really angry, I’m using the ionic creator since 6 months, my app was growing.

I had a side menu, with also three tabs footer on two pages, when I was clicking on a category of my side menu, the corresponding page was loaded and the side menu closed itself.

Now, without touching anything in my own code, all goes wrong. What did ionic team does ??

When I lunch my app on an Android device, I can’t see my tabs menu anymore. And now, either on IOS or Android, when clicking on a category the side menu remain always open, it is a terrible mess with appearing back button and loading of the different pages…

Ionic creator was supposed to handle the route, but from a day to another, the behaviour is completely different. My app worked before, today it’s a mess. Is someone can help me to restaure the situation ?

Side menu behavior changed

I fixed the problem.

So now, in Ionic creator, something that was implicite become a thing you have to do.

  • On the side menu classes, you have to add “menu-close”, if not, it will never hide.
  • And in each of the pages you don’t want a back button, you have to add in your html ‘hide-back-button=“true”’, if not it will be a terrible mess of redirection everywhere…

Thanks Ionic for the good communication around the modification you did. Is it so hard to send an email and warn about the things you aren’t handling anymore.