Why the sensitive data is showing in Cache.db of my Cordova Ionic App?

I have a Cordova Ionic iOS App. After login into application, user’s data will be taken from the WCF web service and will be displayed in the app. I am not saving the data which is taken from service in the app using methods like window.localStorage.setItem(… etc. But the data is shown in the cache.db file( located at /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/JKHGJGJ-JHKJ-87789-JHKH-KJHJH8778. This causes to get data from outside the application which causes the security issue. Anybody have a solution to resolve this?
I am using $http.post method to get data from Service and the data is just showing in the app.


Try https://github.com/wongatech/cordova-disable-nsurl-cache ?