Why lanching is slow in android lower version mobile?

I developed a app. I install app but when i press app icon it launching too slow .

How to open or launching first in ionic?

Not sure I follow, could you explain more?

Hello Sir,
Thanks for your response. I developed for all device like low hardware or high hardware. That means it run 128 ram or 500 ram or upper. When hardware is too high then installed app open fast. when hardware too low install app open slowly. Some times it client click on install app it open slowly.

Yeah… when your app need ram but the device has no more ram… it is slow… thats why it is a slow device?
If the OS can not free any more ram for your app it will not have enough resources to run smooth.

And at this point you have to look if you have parts in your app that produce big memory chunks (e.g. huge base64 images, additional plugins, and so on).

PS: There is no point where hardware specs can be tooooooo high for an app.