Why is ng-controller needed to publish FormController on scope?


I’m creating my first Ionic application, and not seeing typical Angular behavior for FormController.

On the view, the form exists on the scope (e.g., I can display {{MyForm.$valid}} and watch it change. However, in the Controller method that is called on submit, $scope.MyForm is undefined.

This is the case whether I use the name or the ng-submit attributes.

I added ng-controller to an element around the , and now it works.

Anybody know what’s going on here?


This was initially quite a struggle for me as well. What I do now is pass the form to the controller in the submit call.

<form name="greatForm" ng-submit="submit(greatForm">
$scope.submit(form) {
  if(form.$invalid) return;


Thanks Justin, and hope all is well with KiT.

But do you understand WHY this is happening?

Is it a state thing? (this is my first UI Router app) Or is it a bug?