Why ionic creat does't care about customer?

do you know why ionic creat does’t care abour their customer?
email support does’t answer after 4 days even
ionic3 is not working also ionic 1 is out of support and is low level
ide is not smart just like a notepad!
they advertise "

Export and deploy

Export a fully functional Ionic project, or even native IPA & APK files to install directly on your devices."
but all you can do is export zip file of code

Are you an Enterprise User?
I think they are doing their best to answer everything.

Ionic3 is working, but not supported 100% anymore. You should update your Version to ionic 5. On the one side for you and for a guaranteed Support, but on the other Side for your Users too, as the latest Versions include the latest native Styles and clearly works better.

And of course you can create the native APK & IPA Files directly? For Example ionic cordova build android builds a native Android APK.