Why i went from 3.0 to 1.0

I was very enthousiast when I read about the new Ionic 3.0; but…

Installed it, run a test " tutorial " template.

  • On a network drive it was NOT done, it was sooo slow to build the application " on the run ". Very disappointing. Ran it at 3 computers , same slooowww results.

  • Run it on 1 computer (how old fashioned? -> still veryyyy slow compared to Ionic 1.0, I could not imagine this…

  • Now it comes… Running my simply 1 page build on Xcode, on iPad device,… Could not run "Ionic prepare… " needed to build every time over and over again… took a lot of time… 10/20 seconds every time. ( Ionic 1 -> 2 seconds).

  • And when I ran the app on iPad Air 2… the header top looked ugly ( menu icon touched top) (not in ionic 1… ) why why? why not testing these basic things before saying v.3 is awesome, could not saying 1 thing that is awesome in v3. it looks all very ugly! on ipad/iphone.

My question , why does not anyone issue these problems?

No - v3 is just WAY better - way less complicated, and the way the future’s going.

You should learn v3’s ‘ways’ before dismissing.


I want to use it, but i cant for now, its too slow… and Iam not someone who think ’ its newer so its better, because its not…! it sucks on the first run on ios… ( and it takes toooo much time to build ) sorry. im waiting for a newer version!

Suspect you haven’t got to grips with options like --prod re performance on devices.
But you do what you like - no one else is following you.

are you serious? of course I test with build --prod, but its sooooo slow, I dont say ionic 1 is ’ good ’ it still sucks compared to native, but i cant imagine you feel ’ good ’ with a slow ionic 3… And even if this was fast like ionic 1… when running first test in ios … it looks horrible… Just running a test / basic template! Im critical but fair…

What are you testing on…

Do you have a repo I could look at… I’m happy to help

Just to be clear, none of us are having the issues you’re talking about which is why we’re very on board with Ionic 3.

im just too critical i think, having this issues on both Mac OSX, 4GHZ, WIndows 7 , 4.4 GHZ. And running on a network drive its not done, extremely slow… takes 20 seconds to “ionic prepare” compared to v1. in 3/4 seconds.

I cannot accept these huge issues.

Please run just the basic tutorial and send me a screen of the ipad =). im curious! ( no i dont want that you have to do any changes that takes longer than 15 minutes…)

ionic cordova prepare on my computer -> sub second.

You are the one claiming issue with the iPad screen - maybe YOU could provide a screengrab for us to peruse.

Thats great to hear.! I think i have some baby version of ionic 3? Got the latest version of last week…

Forgot to say… changed css for top menu, working perfect in browser,: ipad completely different! Not working… when these extremely small things are taking such a hell of a job… where does it goes… still hope its a bug of my version… will keep you posted.

When running ionic serve v1; 1,5 sec, both local and network drive.

Ionic3: local: 8-10secs

Inoic 3: Networkdrive; 15-16 secs

Who wants this? Istill hope i do something wrong, but installed ionic 3 and ionic 1 multiple times in 3 different machines with exacts same results…

Last message from me - you can share your proj with us (inc css), it’s a good community - up to you.

Honestly, the Ionic part of this is not the most important thing. Angular is so much better than AngularJS, you should avoid version 1 for that reason alone.


You are obviously facing issues - but unless you share runnable code, this can only end as a fruitless argument, not a fruitful discussion.

I’ve been an ionic v1 developer who just moved to v2. My v1 app is in the app store/playstore and is quite complex and heavy https://github.com/pliablepixels/zmNinja

I’m now rewriting that same app to v2+ https://github.com/pliablepixels/nvrNinja-ng

I’ve already implemented the most complex screen - a screen that displays 60-70 camera feeds with full drag and drop and resize. I can tell you the performance of the v2 port has no difference with v1. And I’m not running v2 in prod mode - its in debug mode.

Besides the performance, I love Angular and Typescript. Its making my code much easier to navigate, and I’ve just started. I’m taking my time to learn the right way.

I did however feel ionic is much slower during the serve and compile phase compared to what I remember of v1. As far as startup speed goes, to be completely honest, at least for the apps i am writing, I don’t see huge differences. Maybe a second or two compared to v1 - I don’t remember. But definitely not 2x.

A lot of what I do is open source, so I’ve pointed you to both links. I test on Android, iPhone and Desktops at the same time. I test my code in Iphone 4S and Android 4.4 too (because my users use those devices).

I’ve read a lot about performance problems. Maybe I got lucky, or maybe, I am doing things correctly. I don’t know.

We’d love to look at what you are doing and help, if you want to share.

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@pliablepixels those screenshots look really sweet.

Just ran the example " template ". -> ionic start MyIonicProject tutorial

You can see how it looks in ios :frowning:

I did also tried to change the topbar to red, and textcolor to white (only topbar) worked in browser, but in ios not…

Here is a screenshot from the v1 app; (you can see the space between the statusbar are right (out of the box), also the topbar centering is working fine out of the box, also the background color is working fine out of the box.

3 thing so basic so simple, why in ionic 3 this takes time? (i dont want to go back in time…)

Thanks! This was my very first mobile app (actually my first coding project in 18ish years) and it ended up rather well. It’s sort of my pride and joy that I could build something that other people would find useful (and pay, to boot). That being said, it contains a lot of terrible code, simply because I did not know better and is a big reason why I’m rewriting in hopefully a more maintainable way.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Good work

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Can anyone explain how to run a Ionic 3 project from a network drive. it takes 3 times as much as time as running on local (which is also slower than ionicv1)

Thanks !

It’s impossible to explain without seeing any code that you’re having issues with.