Why I cannot see my infinite scrolling loading icon when use collection-repeat

I am using beta14, I have following code in my view for pagination:

<ion-infinite-scroll icon="ion-ios7-reload" ng-if="!noMoreItemsAvailable && $root.isServerReachable" on-infinite="infiniteLoad();" distance="10%"></ion-infinite-scroll>

But the ion-ios7-reload icon only shows when I use ng-repeat, not collection-repeat.

Any idea?

have you tried doing icon="ion-ios-reload" instead of icon="ion-ios7-reload"

I am still using the old icon fonts, its a old bug

Yes this is a known bug.

After beta 14 loading icon is not displaying even i am using ng-repeat, what i found is there is a class icon-refreshing being used on ionInfiniteScroll for icon, if I changed this class to ion-refreshing icon appears.

Is this a known issue ?

Do you have a codepen showing this?

It seems I was doing something wrong with it as it starts appearing now.