Why does ionic app looks differently in Android and iOS?

In the former version of ionic, app looks same in Android and iOS.
However, after I update the framework about a month ago(beta 5?or beta6?), I found it displaying differently on my Android phone. ng-class didn’t get the assertive tag effective too.
Here I start a beta9 project and get screenshots. I wanna to know is it a design problem, my technical problem or device problem. Thanks a lot~

On iPad, iOS version 7.1.1, it looks good

And on my Android phone, Android version 4.4.4, footbar get another display.

Yeah that is on purpose.

This is all part to make app feel more at home on the native platform. You can still create a theme for your app, but that theme will translate differently across each platform.

To aid people in this, I put together a gist where it covers all the necessary scss to make a custom theme for every component.

Thank you, help a lot~