Why do you need to log-in into /signup for Ionic account?


I am new to Ionic 2+. I am using ionic-cli 3.20.0. Why do I need to log-in into/signup for Ionic account when running ionic cordova resources?

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I absolutely hate this as well. One thing you can do is to (temporarily, if you wish) use npm install -g ionic@2.1.3, which does not have this incredibly braindead user-hostile requirement.

As most developers would only use this call when ready to put their app on a real device it gives Ionic a good measure of what each developer is doing:

  1. Number of app developed to device stage
  2. Breakdown between Android and IOS
  3. Number of different apps per developer
  4. How active the developer is
  5. Distribution of Ionic developers by country

Given the current issues with Facebook and data - perhaps the company behind Ionic would like to make a comment on why the log-in into/signup is required and what data is collected and how it is used.

Thank you @rapropos and @JAR19 !

Yes, they need to add disclosure when running cli command.

You can also just not use that command and do it (resizing the images, setting the values) manually.