Why do rows and columns have added padding and margin styles by default?

.row has a default padding: 5px;
.row + .row has a default margin-top: -5px; padding-top: 0;
.col has a default padding:5px;

What’s going on here? Why the need for these included styles?

Probably because this is part of the css framework, the goal of the css framework is to make every component look great out of the box. If you wanted a grid with rows and columns, with just text, you would like the padding so it isn’t cluttered up. In default use cases I believe this saves time.

You want custom styles however, and would like to change this default behaviour, which is till really easy to do, and that’s the power of ionic, you can custom change everything you like real easy, while out of the box ionic provides real good looking default css :slight_smile: