Why do i need crosswalk to make ripple effect work on android 4.4?

Ionic 2 requires crosswalk for version 4.3 and below, as stated here https://blog.ionic.io/market-share-movement-android/

It says Crosswalk on versions < 4.4 and not Crosswalk on versions <= 4.4

But , still on android 4.4 app is not perfect.

  • It has no ripple effects

  • Click delays also on <button>

  • Fonts are not totally visible , they appear trimmed from top or below.

Adding Crosswalk solves all the problem.

I was thinking of dropping support for <4.4 . but 4.4 requires crosswalk too.

Is there any way , above 3 issues can be solved for kitkat without crosswalk ?

Hi any solutions on this? Having the same problem here. Thanks.