Why are there so many files in minimum sass project?


Can some tell me why a minimal sass-enabled project ( e.g. created from tabsApp template) has over 19,000 files. Over 18,000 of them are in the node_modules directory.

Please forgive my ignorance. I am new to Ionic and the various build tools that it’s using to manage dependencies – npm, bower.

A non-sass project has far fewer files. Around 950 versus > 19,000 files for sass.

(1) Are all the node modules in myproject/node_modules necessary – i.e. the minimal set?

(2) What aspects of sass support result in so many dependencies?

(3) What role is Bower vs npm playing in a sass projecct?

Before I check in > 19K files into source control, I really need to understand what the files are for.

Thanks so much. I look forward to your answers. The more details, the better.


SASS has a lot of dependancies, the node_modules folder is where the tools for building SASS (and any of it’s dependancies) live. The nice thing about having them in that folder with the project is that if another project uses a different SASS version, it won’t conflict. So your tool chain will never just break with an update of something.

I have no problem checking mine into my source control, you can if you want to have your source control ignore the folder, but if you pull to a new environment you will need to install all the right node modules in that location

Thank you. Do these files change while running a project or do they stay static once sass support is enabled? I’d hope not, so that each time I check in code, only the files I am changing correspond to updates in the source control system.

I haven’t noticed them change, I’ll keep an eye on them for you as I dev the next little bit and report back what I find!