Whole screen turns blue, that is "color-positive"


Hey I just tried the latest 0.0.12 beta release again.

The app booted up normally. Console was clean no errors. So I hit refresh and the whole screen goes blue, that is color-positive blue (now scared) I again refresh and the app boots up normally clean and error free. But to be sure I refresh again and now again the screen turns blue. And I refresh again and the app boots up normally. :smile Blue screen and normal rendering occurs at alternative refreshes. I cleared cache, history everything. It is still the same.

If I inspect-element the blue screen I notice that it is a property on the body tag with background set to blue and no other properties are visible. All my unit tests fail in 0.0.12 but they pass on version 0.0.11. I am having this problem now. Both on stable and nightly build of 0.0.12.


Hmm, interesting issue. Anything thing get changed at the same time? Just to make sure, what CLI version do you have?


Latest CLI version. 1.2 something,


Okay and what os are you working on, mac, windows, or linux?


Linux Mint 16 and chrome 35.0.1916.114