Whitespace - margins - radio buttons

Having an issue with excess whitespace between radio buttons.
I would like to tighten up the vertical spacing between the radio buttons in the list.
I have tried to style it with margins and padding set to 0px, but has no affect.
Any input appreciated. Code and Screenshot below.

          <ion-radio-group class="rs_smargin">
            <ion-item class="rs_smargin">
              <ion-label class="rs_label">Assess the patient</ion-label>
              <ion-radio slot="start" value="assess" checked></ion-radio>
            <ion-item class="rs_smargin">
              <ion-label class="rs_label">Technical referral</ion-label>
              <ion-radio slot="start" value="technical"></ion-radio>
            <ion-item class="rs_smargin">
              <ion-label class="rs_label">Other</ion-label>
              <ion-radio slot="start" value="other"></ion-radio>
              <ion-input placeholder=""></ion-input>

  margin-top: 0px;
  margin-bottom: 0px;
  padding-top: 0px;
  padding-bottom: 0px;