White screen RC3 update polyfills.js



Since we did the RC3 update, we get the following js error:
Uncaught TypeErrr: Cannot read property ‘sibscribe’ of undefined", source: file://android_asset/www/build/polyfills.js(3)

Of course, this files is compiled and is not our.
And of course on ios we don’t have the probleme.
More over, we are not able to use livereload or havind a “dev” mod. So we can’t debug this and we don’t know where to look for this.
We we create a new app, everything is working.

Any idea ?


Hmm, I got a suspicion that instead of sibscribe you meant subscribe?


yes of course. I didn’t copy past the console error.
Nevertheless, polyfills.js is not our code but is comming from framework. And it’s why I don’t understand the error