White Screen (only on ios) notihing loading

I’m currently developing an app, I have been testing it on ios ever so often and seems to be working fine up until last night. I implemented the use of WebSql (no plugin) works great on Android, Chrome and Safari. When tried on firefox it didn’t load (white screen) because FF doesn’t support WebSql. This is fine because its aimed towards iOS and Android. When i pushed the app to both my emulator and device (iPad) the app doesn’t seem to populate the ion-nav-view only on iOS. I started to think maybe it was something to do with my routing but didn’t seem to change anything. I also implemented the console plugin to see if anything would display… nothing did. it seems to load the index file and tells me that its loading the default route but nothing is displayed. Has anyone got any ideas?

Dont bring any library from cdn , Instead of it bring every file in your local folder .

Issue resolved, i managed to check it on the browser on my device and was getting an error message of:
[Error] SecurityError: DOM Exception 18: An attempt was made to break through the security policy of the user agent.
I had window.openDatabase(db.name, 1, 'database, -1) i changed the ‘-1’ to ‘1024*1024’ and worked fine. Noobie mistake.