White screen on IOS (REST API Wordpress)

I use json from a wordpress site where I show the news I use this code:

urlApi = 'https://locosporelfutbol.com.ec/wp-json/wp/v2';

  getPosts(): Observable<PostI[]> {
    return this.http.get<PostI[]>(this.urlApi + '/posts?_embed',  {
      params: {
        per_page: '20'

and then I show it in the app.

<ion-content fullscreen>
  <ion-grid fixed>
      <ion-col size="12" size-lg="3" size-md="4" size-sm="6" size-xs="12" *ngFor="let noticia of noticias"
        [routerLink]="'/noticia/' + noticia.id">
            <!-- <ion-card-subtitle>{{ noticia.title.rendered }}</ion-card-subtitle> -->
            <ion-card-title>{{ noticia.title.rendered }}</ion-card-title>
          <ion-img [src]="noticia?.better_featured_image.media_details.sizes.medium.source_url">
          <div [innerHTML]="noticia.excerpt.rendered"></div>

This code works perfect on android but in IOS it shows me the white screen.

what can I do?