White screen on back (even with cache false in router)

Hi guys,

I have an issue on one of the tabs in my application. Had this issue before and I know it’s related to leaving the view cache on, but on this screen this is not the case but the problem is still there. Moreover it’s happening only on this tab.

Here is the router declaration:

.state('customer.my_perks', {
url: '/my_perks',
cache: false,
views: {
  'customer-perks': {
    templateUrl: 'templates/my_perks.html',
    controller: 'myPerksCtrl',
    resolve: {
      coupons: ['service.coupons', '$filter', '$window', function(couponsService, $filter, $window) {
        return couponsService.getCouponsToAssign().then(function (res) {
          return $filter('filter')(res, $window.localStorage.selectedIndustry);


Any ideas would be welcome.

Thanks in advance,