White screen and bad theme


Hi to all
I’m trying Ionic v3 but I have two different issues:

  1. when using the tabs tutorial (or any other tutorial) app is built properly and I can see the loading on emulator, but after that, only a white screen.

  2. trying to debug the above issue, i’ve opened the ionic project in the browser (via ionic integrated webserver) and I can see that an iOS theme is loaded even on android (in example, tabs are placed to the bottom and not to the top)

Any advice ?


I developed my tabs myself and it works like charm on ionic 3 and it works seamlessly on Ionic DevApp

you drop your code OR upload to GitHub and send a repo url


Material design now has the tabs at the bottom. This can be changed, see the component’s document on how to do this. Is that your only indication that it is using the iOS style?

As to your white screen, use the proper remote debugging solution for your emulator to see what error might be thrown. That would be either Safari’s Remote Inspector or Chrome’s Remote Inspector.