White bar above keyboard

A white bar always appears above my keyboard. Seems like some sort of padding on the page.
Disabling native scrolling fixes this, but native scrolling is working way better for my app, than js scrolling. So I need it enabled.
Is there another solution?
The whitespace only appears on android.

Are you refering to this post?

I already posted there, but din’t recieve an answer. My question also is a bit different.

This article just means that you did not provide any information on your environment, nor any code.

Ok, I will do my best to describe my issue further:

Here is all the config code I got regarding keyboard and scrolling:


I have the ionic Keyboard plugin installed and I use the newest stable version of x-walk.
The keyboard is opened automaticly when my input gets active.
Here is a screenshot of the Problem: (The Button is cut of by a white bar above the keyboard)

I hope this helps you understand my Problem.

Any ideas? Still haven’t figured this out :confused:

Is the white space native or an element in the HTML?

As far as I can tell it’s html.
It is the ion-content element that is not full height:

the ion-view is full height

Had a similar issue with ng-map and a input field overlayed on the map canvas ( Places search)
cordova.plugins.Keyboard.disableScroll(true); did not help

In the end I added scroll=“false” to the ion-content tag and that fixed the problem.