Which browser is used to display an ionic app?

Hi everybody.

I am having some issues with scrolling, buttons/links and an strange padding at the bottom of the “ion-content” since the last ionic update, but when I ask to my friends, they say that it’s okay on their phones (android), so I guess it is an issue with my own.

I thought it could be fixed by updating chrome (default browser), but still not working. So I am wordering which browser is used to display the content of the app in the WebView, is it the preinstalled browser? is there a way to change it? what can I do in order to get my app to display correctly on my phone?

Of course, I am testing it using Ionic View. Lastly, I don’t know why, but when I open chrome directly, it looks to run faster and performs better any website that all my apps from Ionic View D: Is there a reason? Will my apps run faster if I install them using the apk?

Thank you guys!


I have no direct idea of why this occurs in our webview but it may be related to CSS.
Webkit is the base of android and IOS CSS rendering.

As far as I know the app uses the native browser on your device. If your native browser does not support (all) webkit functions it may go haywire.

Android has different versions on the market with each their own native browser and can sometimes be a headache.
Crosswalk is a (chromium) browser to package with your app to avoid native browser issues.

I always debug directly on my device and have no issues.

Good luck and happy hacking!

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Thank you very much, man. This is the answer that I was expecting. About the issue, in the last update of december, Ionic Team considered to set native scrolling as default, so I just forced the app to use the js one. Now i’m considering to use chromium in order to avoid such problems. Thank you very much again, and happy new year.

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