Where to initialize the admob pro plugin correctly

Hello, recently acquire the admob-pro plugin license.
But I already have an application in production where I already used this plugin.
My implementation was as follows, on every page I wanted to display the ad I did the following:
Note: this I do in all the pages where I make the announcement call.
In the example here I use the home.
Come on.
I realize plugin and platform import:

import { AdMobPro } from '@ionic-native/admob-pro';
import { Platform } from 'ionic-angular';

then inside the construct make these settings

    public navCtrl: NavController,
    public navParams: NavParams,
    public loadingCtrl: LoadingController,
    private toastCtrl: ToastController,
    platform: Platform,
    private admob: AdMobPro
  ) {
    platform.ready().then(() => {
      var admobid = {
          licença: "?????????????????????????????????????",
          banner: 'ca-app-pub-5884050189104927/9827819257',
          interstitial: 'ca-app-pub-5884050189104927/1013482083'

          adId: admobid.banner,
          isTesting: false,
          autoShow: false,
          position: this.admob.AD_POSITION.BOTTOM_CENTER

          adId: admobid.interstitial,
          isTesting: false,
          autoShow: true

then logs down when performing a click event I make the announcement block call:

openView(view) {
    this.navCtrl.push(ViewPage, { id: view.videos_id });

and this follows on every page.

Now let’s get down to the problem:
Upon contacting the plugin developer he said the following:

Please set your license key in options first by calling setOptions (), createBanner (), and prepareInterstitial (). You only have to configure it once.

if (AdMob) AdMob.createBanner ({
licença: " sua licença",
adId: "your_ad_unit_id_for_banner_here"

he said that, it is not correct. You should not initialize the plug-in on each page.
You need to initialize the plug-in only once.
How do I make the plugin call only once.