Where is the IPA located

Hi - I did a build in XCode and project achieve and updated to the app store.

Where in the Ionic project file is the ipa file located?

I wish I could help but I’m not sure I understand, what to you mean?

When I build my app, I “archive” it in Xcode, export then it to my computer and then use the “Application loader” to send that IPA to Apple Store. Doing so I keep a “copy” of the IPA on my machine. Could that help?

Thanks, @reedrichards you are right don’t get the IPA until you do an export - I was just interested to see what the file size would be.

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Cool. About size I’m still not sure I understand it, like the IPA file I save on my machine isn’t the same size as the app which end up on my phone

But still it’s a good way to see how it evolve from a version to another. Furthermore you could decompile the IPA to find you javascript files and stuffs (if you have for example to find a crazy prod error :wink: