Where is ionic component folder in IONIC 4?

Hi everyone,

I want to change some behavior of ionic range component. In ionic 3 the ionic component folder is inside /node_modules/ionic-angular/components and we could made changes. But in ionic 4 I can’t find the ionic component folder!!! Please tell me if it’s possible to change some codes in ionic components or otherwise we have to create our component.

Thanks for your help

Editing things underneath node_modules is never a good idea for many reasons.

That being said, Ionic 4 components are built using Stencil, so I would recommend familiarizing yourself with it, as that would be useful whether you decide to fork Ionic or roll your own component. The Ionic source itself that would be relevant to your situation is here.

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Thanks for your reply.

I’ll try to using Stencil.
But for now I forked ionic and rebuilt ionic components with my changes and replace them with my project component.
Is there is a way to make a project from forked ionic? because for create an ionic project i use ionic CLI and not clone the project from github!

What changes are you making that require forking ionic and changing ionic components? This seems like a lot of unnecessary work.

First thing I would try is using npm link.

Sorry for the late reply!

On of the changes that we need is to prevent range slider to jump with one touch. For example when a range slider is at the min state and user touch the range bar at the middle and range knob jump to the middle of range bar!

We don’t want that and we want to force users to grab the range knob and move it to their favorite state.

I have to mention that with @rapropos help I rebuilt the components with our needed changes.