Where do I find the Ionic, Cordova, Node, Angular Etc... versions for an existing project?

I had asked a question yesterday that got zero responses. Too broad, I guess.

Where can I find the versions of EVERYTHING in the development environment on an existing Ionic project?

The node_modules directory was committed to the GitHub repository along with the package lock.json and package.json, config.xml, package.json and everything else. The entire Ionic directory was committed.

How can I take this directory and then properly recreate the exact development environment that was used?

EDIT: node_modules was NOT committed. My mistake

The package.json will define those dependancies and their versions. Depending on how they were added, the versioning might be vague. running npm install should recreate everything.

Ok, thank you. I think I had gotten lost in the dependencies trying to update things. They are all there, just as you said.