Where are the logs files located for Ionic 2 CLI: "ionic run android"?

I am struggling to find where the logs files are located when one runs a CLI: “ionic run android” or “ionic run android --stacktrace --info --debug”.

I have trouble in CLI with the step consisting of installing the apk on the device for the reasons described here.

To investigate it further I’d like to have the logs of the step that gives me that error message:

Error: Could not find apk architecture: arm build-type: debug

I did not find them under android studio: “[programe files]\AndroidStudio2.2\system\log”.

I had also a look under “[program files]\adt-bundle-windows\sdk” corresponding to my Environment var ANDROID_HOME, and I did not find anything relevant.

In the folder of the ionic 2 project itself, it seems that the only log available are the ones concerning NPM with the file “npm-debug.log”. So it is not helpful for my problem regarding the step of installing the apk on the device.

I also look for gradle log, I found that it was possible to trigger them with a command like this one: “gradlew build > myLogs.txt 2>&1” (as explained here), that need to be launched in CLI under the android project itself, And I guess “ionic run android” do a “gradlew build” at some point but there is no control to get a log file out of it.

Has anyone an idea?

Hi. Do You solved that error?

Hi @nyluje, did you manage to solve this problem?
I am facing same here.