When try to open a url from app showing an error

when I try to open an url from my show in this error how can I fixed that?
bellow my error message.

please help me anyone

No idea, but that is sincerely the most eloquent error message I have ever seen.

Does your app closes itself after this message.
What do you see in console log?

To see console logs, you can use your Chrome/Safari browser to debug remote device/emulator.

yes its close itself
actually i wan to open a url on inappbrowser
how can i do that
can i provide my code to you.?

Have you looked at Ionic’s InAppBrowser plugin?
It should be simple using that.

I just used -

this.appBrowser.create(app_url, '_system'); // 'appBrowser' is instance of 'InApBrowser' class

You can also try -

window.open(http_url, '_system');